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Korean Massage

Chinese massage

Thai European style oil selection of pure natural massage oil, adhering to the principles of physics and biology, with gentle action, it is worth the experience!。

Chinese health

Thai massage

Mainly to kneel on the back, so that the spine to be eased, the body to relax and relieve the whole body for the purpose of a very tired and stressed crowd experience!

Port massage

Oil massage

Massage your body with natural aromatherapy oil. adjust the excretion of harmful substances in the body, to prevent the expansion of the role of vein.!

Japanese Pink

Korean Massage

Of the acupoint massage ,the technique is mainly used to stimulate your sensitive acupoints, to achieve health and enhance functional effect.

Top massage

Body rubbrng

Massage gently with fingertips, and then use a soft chin and nose massage back and chest sensitive parts, stimulate blood circulation, so that you relax and meet the new day!

Thai massage

American California massage

Massage your body, and can enjoy the unique feeling of each project can not enjoy the process, this new massage method, it is worth the experience oh!

Continental Oil

Happy ending massage

This project originated in Japan, is the technician with massage for you all the important points, is mainly used to stimulate your sensitive acupoints.


Body to body massage

This project is a symbol of quality, allows you to enjoy the massage at the same time, also in a comfortable and pleasant feeling with visual impact brought to you!